RAQ truck installed with sewer cleaning machine, perfect loading effect

Sewer cleaning machine control panel

In today’s increasingly busy and diverse urban environment, the demand for sewage cleaning equipment has become increasingly urgent. We are proud to introduce the new RAQ model sewer cleaner, which is an innovative device that will completely change your cleaning tasks.

One of the design concepts of the RAQ model drainage ditch cleaner is its versatility. No matter what type of truck you use, the RAQ model can be easily installed, making your cleaning tasks easier. No longer worry about the tedious installation process, the simple installation of the RAQ model allows you to focus more on the cleaning task itself.

In addition to its excellent applicability, the RAQ model sewer cleaner also features an amazing exterior design. The exquisite appearance of the RAQ model complements the simple user interface, making operation easy and enjoyable. Whether in the car or outdoors, the RAQ sewer cleaner can be a highlight of your work.

The RAQ model drainage pipe cleaner not only has a beautiful appearance, but also performs equally well. 6 powerful functions, easy to clean various pipelines, making cleaning more efficient. The 500 liter stainless steel water tank ensures sufficient water supply, while the 70 liter flow rate under 200 pressure ensures powerful cleaning effects.

The RAQ type drainage ditch cleaner is also an intelligent device equipped with remote control operation. You don’t need to be present at the cleaning site to easily control the machine through the remote control, greatly improving the convenience and safety of operation.

RAQ sewer cleaner is the perfect companion for your cleaning tasks. Its excellent applicability, beautiful appearance, powerful multifunctional features, and intelligent operation will bring convenience and efficiency to your cleaning tasks. Choose RAQ and enjoy a brand new cleaning experience!

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